Welcome to St. John School

St. John Catholic School sits in the heart of the beautiful historic district of Independence, Iowa. Our school serves the educational, spiritual, and social needs of more than 150 boys and girls in grades preschool through eight.

St. John offers a superior high school preparatory curriculum that is rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ. We seek to instill in each student a lifelong passion for the Word of the Lord, the sacredness of family and the value of service to others. Our staff recognizes and strives to nurture each child’s unique gifts.

St. John offers small classes, a Reading Intervention Program and learning support services through eighth grade to students who would benefit from the extra help. In addition, we offer a before-school and after-school program, music programs and sports activities. Financial assistance is available to qualifying families. St. John welcomes students of all races, ethnicities and faiths.

We are a family of believers that seek to know and value each other. A look through our website will introduce a community whose hallmark is a welcoming, Christian environment.


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Summer Reading Program

This summer, if your child(ren) is entering grades 2 through 8, he/she will be required to read. If they are an incoming 2nd through 4th grader, the student will be required to read two books. If they are entering 5th through 8th grade, they are required to read three books. Please click HERE to view the list. Reading will be verified through the Reading Counts program here at school. I will be here Monday through Thursday each day, from 8am – noon; exceptions can be made by contacting me. I will be available to your students so they can return and check out books as well as take the Reading Counts tests. Most of the books on the list are available in our Public library.